22.3 Program of Study

  1. Upon admission, each graduate student in the thesis program will be assigned a supervisor. The supervisory committee, formed prior to the development of the thesis, project, or internship proposal, will include either one or two supervisors. For students selecting the non-thesis option, one supervisor will be selected.

  2. All students are required to complete Gender Studies 6000, 6100, and 6200.

  3. Six to 9 additional elective credit hours approved by the Graduate Studies Advisory Committee and the student's supervisor(s) will be required. These elective credit hours will comprise courses selected from graduate courses in cognate academic units, and/or Gender Studies 6300 and/or from the block of special topics courses in Gender Studies 6400-6420.

  4. Each student will be required to give a public seminar on the student's thesis research, project, or internship after approval of the thesis, project, or internship proposal and before submission of the student's final thesis or project/internship report.

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