9.3 Residence Requirements

Further to University Regulations (Undergraduate), Residence Requirements for a student’s first degree, the Faculty's Undergraduate Waivers and Appeals Committee may permit students to complete, at another recognized institution, up to 15 of the last 30 credit hours or equivalent required for the degree, subject to the following:

  1. the student must confirm that no reasonable options exist to complete eligible courses offered by Memorial University of Newfoundland;

  2. the rationale and any special circumstances are documented by the student in writing as outlined in Waiver of Regulations for Undergraduate Students, Other Regulations;

  3. a letter of permission from the Office of the Registrar must accompany the request, confirming that the proposed courses will qualify for transfer to meet the student’s program requirements; and,

  4. the student must obtain written approval from the Head of the appropriate academic unit(s) at Memorial University of Newfoundland supporting the request and confirming the applicability of the equivalent courses for the student’s program.