4.4 Work Terms in the Co-operative Program


Students registered for work terms are also governed by the Co-operative Student Handbook. Prior to registering for the first work term, students must successfully complete the non-credit Professional Development Seminar course.

4.4.1 General Information

  • During work terms students are brought into direct contact with the kinesiology, physical education, and recreation professions, exposed to the work place setting, expected to assume ever-increasing responsibility in employment situations as their education advances, and introduced to experiences beyond the scope of those which could be provided in the classroom.

  • Students are responsible for finding suitable work placements. The Co-operative Education Office of the School provides resources to assist in this process.

  • In addition to a work term, students may register for up to 6 credit hours, although they are advised to consult the School's Academic Program Officer.

  • Students are not permitted to drop work terms without prior approval of the Committee on Undergraduate Studies and with the recommendation of the Co-operative Education Office of the School. Students who drop a work term without permission, or who fail to honour an agreement to work with an employer, will be assigned a grade of FAL (fail) for that work term.

  • Students who conduct themselves in such a manner as to cause their termination from the job, will be assigned a grade of FAL (fail) for that work term.

  • Students are expected to maintain professional ethics, including confidentiality.

4.4.2 Work Term Reports

  • A work term report, on a topic approved by the Co-operative Education Office of the School, must be submitted for each work term. The report must be approved by the employer and submitted by the student to the Co-operative Education Office of the School on or before the appropriate deadline as indicated on the Co-operative Education website.

  • Late work term reports will not be evaluated unless prior permission for a late work term report has been granted by the Co-operative Education Office of the School.

4.4.3 Evaluation of Work Terms

  • Two components are considered in work term evaluation: on-the-job performance and the work term report. Each component is evaluated separately and equally. The overall evaluation of work terms will result in the assignment of one of the following letter grades: PWD (pass with distinction), PAS (pass) or FAL (fail).

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