7.1 Promotion Status (Engineering One)

Promotion from Engineering One to Academic Term 3 depends on available capacity in the seven Engineering majors; promotion from Engineering One does not guarantee admission to a student’s preferred major. Capacity limits for Engineering majors are set by the Faculty.

  1. Promotion from Engineering One is based on the following nine courses, which are common to all Engineering majors: Chemistry 1050 (or Chemistry 1200), ENGI 1010, ENGI 1020, ENGI 1030, ENGI 1040, 3 credit hours in English at the 1000 level or any Critical Reading and Writing course, Mathematics 1001, Mathematics 2050, and Physics 1051. Students are responsible for identifying and completing any needed prerequisites.

  2. The minimum requirements for promotion from Engineering One to Academic Term 3 are:

    1. promotion average of at least 65% in the nine Engineering One courses as listed above;

    2. a grade of at least 55% or transfer credit in each of the nine Engineering One courses listed above; and

    3. submission of a Major Preference Form, indicating preferences for Engineering majors in rank order, no later than the last day of classes in the Spring term.

  3. Meeting the minimum Engineering One promotion requirements does not guarantee promotion to Academic Term 3.

  4. A student promoted to Academic Term 3 with an Engineering One promotion average of 75% or greater is guaranteed their preferred major.

  5. A student who meets the promotion requirements with a promotion average of less than 75% will be promoted as Faculty capacity permits.

  6. If a student fails an Engineering One course more than once, that student will be withdrawn from the Engineering program.

  7. Students must complete the requirements for Engineering One within two academic years. A student who is not promoted at the end of the academic year following the academic year of admission will be withdrawn from the Engineering program.

  8. The Faculty reserves the right to guarantee admission into a particular major, subject to meeting minimum promotion requirements, at the time of admission into the Engineering program.

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