Emergency Management at Memorial


St. John's Campus - 864-4100
Ocean Sciences Centre - 911
Marine Institute - 911
Grenfell Campus - 637-2888
Harlow - 999

**For campus phones, dial 9 prior to dialing 911 or 999**

More information on reporting an emergency


Do you know what to do if shots are fired on campus?

Every member of the Memorial University community has the right to study, work and live in a safe, non-threatening environment. Memorial University is committed to providing and maintaining such an environment. An active intruder threat involves a situation where an individual or individuals come on campus with the intention to cause serious harm to others. Many of these incidents are often over in a very short period of time—ten to fifteen minutes. You need to assess your situation and take responsibility for your personal safety and security. Find out how to respond. 

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Incident Command System Training

Memorial’s Enterprise Risk Committee has adopted changes to the university’s Emergency Management Plan. One of these changes relates to the response section of the plan, which has been revised to fully integrate an Incident Command System (ICS). ICS is a standardized, on-scene, all-hazard incident management approach and allows first responders to adopt an integrated organizational structure that matches the complexities and demands of incidents.


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From the Gazette

Planning for winter weather

Important information about weather-related cancellations and closures

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People walking on Memorial's St. John's campus

We have a plan

If there’s an emergency, know what the plan is

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