8.1 General Regulations for Certificate Programs

  1. A certificate program is administered by a Program Director. The Program Director is normally affiliated with the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences department that is primarily responsible for the Program's administration.

  2. Certificate programs consist of between 18 and 21 credit hours in courses as specified in individual programs. No more than 6 credit hours at the 4000-level shall be required. Additional 4000-level credit hours may be substituted following the process outlined in General Regulations for Certificate Programs. Pre-requisites may apply.

  3. Subject to limitations outlined in Limit on Certain Credit Hours, courses satisfying the Honours, Major, Minor and elective components of an undergraduate degree may also be used to satisfy the requirements of a certificate program. Departmental prerequisites for courses are applicable. This may increase the number of stated courses required for completion of the certificate program. Such courses may be eligible towards other components of the Bachelor of Arts.

  4. Normal credit restrictions apply. It is the student's responsibility to recognize that additional credit may not be obtained for successfully completing two versions of a cross-listed course (i.e., the same course listed under two or more departments).

  5. A Program Director may, in consultation with the Head of the relevant academic unit, request permission from the Faculty's Undergraduate Waivers and Appeals Committee for a course to be added to the certificate program.

  6. Due to their temporary nature, "special topics" courses are not listed in the entries for a certificate program. However, a special topics course may be included in a student's program of study with permission from the Faculty's Undergraduate Waivers and Appeals Committee.

  7. A student who completes courses at another university in the area of a Certificate offered by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences may be eligible to transfer some of those credits to fulfill requirements in the Major at Memorial University of Newfoundland. For further information refer to Limited Enrolment Courses and Transfer Credits, Requirement for Courses Delivered at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

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