42 Regulations Governing the Degree of Master of Social Work




The degrees of Master of Social Work and Doctor of Philosophy are offered in social work.

The Master of Social Work (M.S.W.) may be completed by part-time or full-time study. All program components are offered online except on-campus institutes and field practicum.

The focus of the M.S.W. program is creative approaches to critical thinking for leadership in diverse social work practice. The program allows professionally qualified social workers holding the Degree of B.S.W. or an equivalent professional undergraduate degree in Social Work to undertake intensive advanced work in a specialized area of social work knowledge and practice.

The program is designed to be accessible to students in remote and rural areas, and requires that: (1) students have a computer and Internet access; and (2) can travel to St. John’s for the institute portion of three practice courses. Students may incur charges for Internet services, long distance telephone charges, and travel and accommodation expenses.

Entrance into all courses and the offering of any course in an academic year is by approval of the School, consistent with the student’s program. Students are admitted only into a designated program of studies.

The School of Social Work may deliver special offerings of the M.S.W. and/or other programs of the School to identified groups of out-of-province students where numbers warrant. These offerings will be self supporting, and therefore subject to an additional one-time non-refundable tuition fee as approved by the Board of Regents and payable on first registration following formal admission to the program. Students will also pay appropriate tuition fees for each semester during their tenure in the program.

Admission to the special offerings of these programs will be competitive, using the same procedures and standards that are in place for students applying to the St. John’s campus program(s).

Subject to approval by the M.S.W. Program Committee of the School of Social Work, students admitted to an out-of-province program offering may apply to transfer to the equivalent program on the St. John’s campus. In such instances, the fee structure under which the student was admitted will not change. Subject to approval by the M.S.W. Program Committee of the School of Social Work, students admitted to a St. John’s based program may apply to transfer to the equivalent out-of-province program. In these instances, students transferring from the St. John’s based program offerings to an equivalent out-of-province offering will be required to pay a pro-rated one-time fee upon formal transfer to the special offering.

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