8.3 Bachelor of Education (Post-Secondary) as a First Degree

The Bachelor of Education (Post-Secondary) as a First Degree is designed to prepare students for a variety of instructional and leadership roles in formal and informal post-secondary education, including careers in academic, adult, community, technical and trades, and professional education.

A number of the courses also form the basis for the Post-Secondary Instructor Certificate awarded by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.

  1. For application deadlines refer to the Application Deadline Dates table. To be considered for admission to the Bachelor of Education (Post-Secondary) as a First Degree program, an applicant must meet, in addition to the general admission requirements of the University, the requirements outlined below:

    1. the Diploma in Adult Learning and Post-Secondary Education; and

    2. a program of study as verified by one of:

      • a certificate of qualification as a journeyperson for a designated trade; or

      • a certificate or diploma from a college, university, or school (vocational, technical, business); or

      • satisfactory completion of a training program equivalent to bullet one or two above.

  2. Advanced standing to a maximum of 30 credit hours may be awarded, upon admission, for training and work experience applicable to post-secondary education settings. Training and experience will be assessed by the Selections Committee for Post-Secondary Education. The work experience must be subsequent to the completion of, or concurrent with, the occupational training program.

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