41.2 Formulation of Program of Study

Upon acceptance to the program, the Supervisor will assess the student's research interests, background, strengths, and weaknesses. The Supervisor will formulate a program of study (see below) and select a supervisory committee for the student. The program of study will be selected on the basis of the thesis research, the background of the student, and the perceived need for specific graduate courses that will complement the student's working knowledge in the student's area of research. The supervisory committee will include the Supervisor, one other academic staff person from the School of Pharmacy, and one external academic staff person from Memorial University of Newfoundland. This committee will advise the student about the student's thesis research. Accordingly, they will meet with the student within two months of the student's initial registration, at the end of the second semester (8th month of study), at the end of the fourth semester (16th month), and immediately before the student begins to write the thesis. Both the program of study and the supervisory committee must be approved by the Graduate Studies Committee.

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