34.2 Program of Study and Research

  1. The program of study for the Master of Science in Boreal Ecosystems and Agricultural Sciences degree shall consist of the successful completion of a program of courses and a thesis embodying original research.

  2. Every student shall successfully complete at least 12 credit hours as outlined under Program Requirements below. Undergraduate courses at the fourth year level may be required at the recommendation of the supervisory committee; these courses do not count against the required graduate credit requirements but are necessary for graduation.

  3. Every student shall submit a thesis, as outlined under General Regulations, Theses and Reports, on an approved subject in which systematic research has been conducted under the direction of the Supervisor recommended by the academic unit concerned and approved by the Divisional Head.

  4. In addition to courses and thesis research, it is a requirement that all graduate students of this program must participate in Grenfell campus-wide graduate student seminars. This is graded by supervisor(s) for participation as satisfactory/unsatisfactory; a satisfactory evaluation is required for graduation.