41.4 M.Sc. (Pharm.) Thesis

Every student shall submit a thesis to the School of Graduate Studies. The thesis shall contain original research conducted by the student and approved by the supervisory committee.

In preparation for the thesis examination, the student will provide a copy of the thesis to each member of the supervisory committee. Each member of this committee will submit a written report to the Chairman of the Graduate Studies Committee.

Before the thesis is submitted, the student shall present an open seminar on the topic of investigation to the School of Pharmacy. Any serious deficiencies noticed at this stage should be carefully considered, in consultation with the supervisory committee, for revision.

Three copies of the thesis shall be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies through the School of Pharmacy, in a form and format as specified by the School of Graduate Studies.

As specified in General Regulations, Theses and Reports of the School of Graduate Studies, the written thesis will be reviewed by examiners appointed by the Dean of Graduate Studies on the recommendation of the Dean of the School of Pharmacy or the Chairman of the Graduate Studies Committee.

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