8.9 Honours in English

The Honours Bachelor of Arts in English offers greater concentration in the discipline and requires a higher level of academic achievement than is required for the completion of a general degree.

8.9.1 Course Requirements for Honours in English

  1. Students must meet the General Regulations for the Grenfell Campus Bachelor of Arts degree.

  2. Students must complete:

    1. English 1000, 1001, 2005, 2008, 2815, 3105, 3205 or 3206, 3395, 4951, and 4959.

    2. 30 additional credit hours in English courses, including at least 6 credit hours in nationally-identified literatures, at least 3 of those credit hours being in Canadian literature; at least 6 credit hours in pre-1900 courses; and at least 3 credit hours in women writers. At least 3 credit hours shall be at the 3000 level and at least 6 credit hours shall be at the 4000 level.

  3. The Honours thesis shall be evaluated by the thesis supervisor and an additional faculty member selected by mutual consent of the student and the supervisor. In order to be considered for graduation with an Honours degree, the student must satisfy the regulations regarding Academic Standing as specified under Honours Degrees.

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