7.3 Diploma in Business Administration

These regulations apply to the Diploma in Business Administration. For the Bachelor of Commerce see Continuance Regulations for the Bachelor of Commerce. For the Bachelor of Commerce (Co-operative) see Promotion Regulations for the Bachelor of Commerce (Co-operative).

7.3.1 General Information

In addition to meeting the Promotion Regulations for the Faculty of Business Administration, all students must meet the general academic regulations (Undergraduate). For further information refer to the University Regulations (Undergraduate), General Academic Regulations (Undergraduate).

7.3.2 Continuance Regulations

  1. In the Diploma in Business Administration a student must qualify for continuance after each term of study. To meet continuance, a student must have an overall average of at least 60% over their last 30 credit hours of courses taken. In the event that the student has more courses than needed in the earliest term used, the 30 credit hours of courses with the highest grades in that term will be used.

  2. A student who fails to achieve the standards outlined in 1. above will be required to withdraw from the program. The student may be considered for readmission after a lapse of one semester. In order to be considered for readmission, a student must formally apply for readmission. A status of required to withdraw will be reflected on a student's transcript.

  3. A student who is required to withdraw from the program for a second time is not eligible for readmission into the program.

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