14.4 Programs of Study

The program is a 60 credit hour all-course program. This program requires: 36 credit hours as specified in
Master of Business Administration Schedule of Required Courses; plus 24 credit hours selected from Master of Business Administration Schedule of M.B.A. Electives including a minimum of 3 credit hours in the area of international business chosen from 9005, 9020, 9030, 9033, 9306, 9326 or another approved international course.

Course exemptions may be considered in accordance with Clause 3. below. In the event that course exemptions are granted, the 60 credit hour program requirement will be adjusted accordingly.

  1. The Faculty of Business Administration may consider exemptions for up to 10 (30 credit hours) introductory M.B.A. courses for those applicants who have completed relevant undergraduate courses in Business, Economics, and Statistics. Undergraduate courses will normally only be considered for exemption purposes if they were completed within seven years of the year in which admission to the M.B.A. program is sought and provided the student achieved a grade of 75% or higher in the undergraduate course(s) required for exemption of the relevant M.B.A. course. Only the following introductory M.B.A. courses will be considered for exemption: 8103, 8104, 8106, 8108, 8109, 8204, 8205, 8206, 8207, and 8208.

  2. An applicant who has completed a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from the Faculty of Business Administration will have all courses completed as part of the Graduate Diploma in Business Administration count towards the 60-credit hour M.B.A program.

  3. Taking into consideration all of the above information the minimum program requirement for the M.B.A. program is completion of 30 credit hours (10 courses).

  4. An applicant who has completed relevant undergraduate courses at institutions external to Memorial University of Newfoundland must submit the following information to the M.B.A. Program Office, Faculty of Business Administration, for evaluation:

    • a detailed course outline for each course to be considered in the application for advanced standing;

    • a description of the method of evaluation used in each such course, the grades received, and the completion dates.

  5. The Faculty of Business Administration reserves the right to restrict a student from taking particular M.B.A. elective courses if it is deemed that those courses do not add sufficient value beyond courses that the student has completed at the undergraduate level.

  6. A student is required to observe approved co- or prerequisites in scheduling courses. These are indicated in Master of Business Administration Course Prerequisite/Co-requisite.

  7. A student shall successfully complete the requirements of Business 8103 as part of the first 36 credit hours of the program.

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