4.1 General Information

  1. The Office of the Registrar and the Faculty of Business Administration will assist students with any questions or problems which might arise concerning the interpretation of academic regulations. It is, however, the responsibility of students to see that their academic programs meet the University's regulations in all respects.

  2. No student shall obtain more than one undergraduate business degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland.

  3. The Faculty of Business Administration may recommend that transfer credit for certain Business courses be awarded on the basis of successful completion of academic and professional courses that lead to a professional designation. Applications for transfer credit should be made through the Office of the Registrar.

  4. With the exception of Faculty of Business Administration service courses outlined on the Faculty of Business Administration website, all BUSI courses at the 3000 level and higher are restricted to students who have been admitted to one of the programs outlined under General Degrees. Other students will be admitted to these courses only with the approval of the Academic Programs Office.

  5. All business degree students will complete a common first year called Business One, after which they must apply for entry into either the Bachelor of Commerce or the Bachelor of Commerce (Co-operative). Modifications to Business One requirements for the Joint Degrees of Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Music are outlined in Program of Study for the Bachelor of Commerce Component of the Joint Degrees of Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Music.

The information on this site has been extracted from the Official 2023-2024 University Calendar. While every reasonable effort has been made to duplicate the information contained in the official University Calendar, if there are differences, the official Memorial University of Newfoundland Calendar will be considered the final and accurate authority.

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