42.4 Field Practicum SCWK 6917

Each M.S.W. student is required to complete a 500 hour field practicum in a social work field setting, supervised by a qualified field instructor, approved by the School of Social Work. Field Instructors must have as a minimum qualification a M.S.W. Degree and a minimum of two years post-M.S.W. social work employment.

Scheduling of a field practicum is flexible. SCWK 6917 may be completed on a full time or part time basis, may occur in whole or in part within or outside the normal start and end dates of a semester, and in any case shall not exceed two semesters.

The M.S.W. Field Education Coordinator is responsible for facilitating appropriate matches among the student, field instructor, and field practicum setting. Although consideration will be given to all factors affecting the location and type of social work field practica, final approval of field practica rests with the School of Social Work. The School cannot guarantee the availability of M.S.W. field instruction in all communities and at all times. Students are responsible for their own financial support during the field practicum.

At least six months prior to the commencement of the semester in which they intend to begin SCWK 6917, all students shall submit a completed Intent to Register in M.S.W. Field Practicum form and a current resume to the M.S.W. Field Education Coordinator. The School of Social Work depends on the cooperation of community agencies external to the University to provide field practica and instruction to its students. A field agency may, prior to starting the practicum, require a Criminal Record Check, Vulnerable Sector Check, Child Protection Records Check, Health Check etc. Students unable to meet the agency's requirements may be delayed in their program or prevented from completing their program of study. Students are required to complete and update these requirements in a timely fashion and at their own expense. The procedures of any given agency may change from time to time and are beyond the control of the University.

Evaluation of the field practicum will be on a PASS/FAIL basis. Students who voluntarily withdraw from the field practicum without prior approval of the M.S.W. Field Education Coordinator, or who conduct themselves in such a manner as to cause the agency and the M.S.W. Field Education Coordinator to terminate the practicum, will normally be awarded a grade of FAIL in the field practicum.

Students who voluntarily withdraw from the field practicum with the prior approval of the M.S.W. Field Education Coordinator cannot be guaranteed a second practicum during that semester. In this case, the student will be awarded a grade of INC for the field practicum. The student shall normally complete a field practicum in a subsequent semester.

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