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The Faculty of Business Administration is a first-in-class, community-minded business school whose mission is to inspire students to be entrepreneurial and innovative. The Faculty guides students to aim for global success, engages in scholarship with global and local relevance, and serves as a catalyst for the success of organizations and individuals. Creating a culture of firsts, Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Faculty of Business Administration has paved the way in Canadian business education by pioneering studies in business ethics, entrepreneurship, social enterprise and co-operative education. In 1973, the University established the first co-operative undergraduate business program in Canada. The Faculty aims to continue this tradition and reinforce its position as a thought leader and champion of sustainability, innovation, inclusion and prosperity all over the world.

The Faculty, along with the Gardiner Centre, Memorial Centre for Entrepreneurship, Centre for Social Enterprise and Husky Centre for Excellence in Sales and Supply Chain Management, focuses on four strategic priorities: to champion change, to educate through experience, to innovate through research and to eliminate barriers through partnerships.

Each business program is designed to give students the skills and experience needed to advance their careers in competitive global environments, and the Faculty’s close-knit community provides students with many opportunities to get involved and network with fellow classmates.

Additional information regarding the Faculty of Business Administration and its partner centres is available at www.business.mun.ca.

Students must meet all regulations of the Faculty in addition to those stated in the University Regulations (Undergraduate). For information concerning admission/readmission to the University and general academic regulations (undergraduate), refer to University Regulations (Undergraduate).

For information regarding graduate programs in Business Administration, see the School of Graduate Studies section of the University Calendar.

For information regarding fees and charges, see the Financial and Administrative Services website at www.mun.ca/finance/fees.

For information regarding scholarships, bursaries and awards, see the Scholarships/Bursaries/Awards and Other Financial Aid website at www.mun.ca/scholarships/scholarships.

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