6.2 Bachelor of Social Work (as a Second Degree)

  • The 60 credit hour Bachelor of Social Work (as a Second Degree) requires 60 SCWK credit hours including two field practica as defined in Bachelor of Social Work (as a Second Degree).

  • Following admission, credit hours shall normally be taken in the sequence as set out in Bachelor of Social Work (as a Second Degree). Students wishing to change the sequence and/or reduce the course load specified for semesters 1-4 must receive prior written approval from the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs of the School. A change in course sequence and/or reduction of the course load may result in an extension to the length of time normally required to complete the program.

  • Students must complete the Social Work Field Practicum application in January for their Fall semester practicum and in September for their Winter semester practicum.

  • In order for students to proceed to each field practicum (i.e., SCWK 3300 and SCWK 4302), all professional education courses as listed in the Bachelor of Social Work (as a Second Degree) must be successfully completed with each course having a final grade of 65% or greater.

Bachelor of Social Work (as a Second Degree)
Year / TermRequired Professional Education Courses
Year 1

Semester 1


SCWK 2211


SCWK 2320

SCWK 2520

SCWK 4312

SCWK 4314

Year 1

Semester 2



SCWK 2313

SCWK 2321

SCWK 2711

SCWK 3410

SCWK 3720

Year 2

Semester 3


SCWK 3300

SCWK 3311

Year 2

Semester 4


SCWK 4302

SCWK 4521

6.2.1 Program Residency Requirements

Students shall be required to successfully complete all Social Work courses on the St. John’s Campus except for: SCWK 1710, 3300, 3311, 4302, and 4521.

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