Office of the Registrar
Sir Wilfred Grenfell College (2010/2011)
10.18 Humanities


Perspectives in Humanities

will explore the role played by the Humanities in the history of Western Civilization. It will introduce the student to the various interpretations of human experience and activities as provided by the disciplines that belong to Humanities.

PR: 6 credit hours at the 2000-level in any of the Humanities Disciplines


Concepts and Issues in Humanities

is a seminar course in which themes having common interest to the Humanities will be discussed from the perspectives of the various disciplines.

PR: Humanities 3000 ,enrollment in the Humanities Program, or permission of the Chair of Humanities


Independent Project in Humanities

will complete an independent research project under the supervision of a faculty member or members. Topics must have the approval of the Program Chair of Humanities.

AR = Attendance requirement; CH = Credit hours are 3 unless otherwise noted; CO = Co-requisite(s); CR = Credit can be retained for only one course from the set(s) consisting of the course being described and the course(s) listed; LC = Lecture hours per week are 3 unless otherwise noted; LH = Laboratory hours per week; OR = Other requirements of the course such as tutorials, practical sessions, or seminars; PR = Prerequisite(s); UL = Usage limitation(s).