Office of the Registrar
School of Pharmacy (2010/2011)
9 Appeal of Regulations

Any student whose request for waiver of School regulations has been denied has the right to appeal. For further information refer to UNIVERSITY REGULATIONS - General Academic Regulations (Undergraduate) - Appeal of Regulations.

  • An applicant who has been denied admission has the right to appeal this decision of the Admissions Committee if it is felt by the applicant that the decision was reached on grounds other than those outlined in Admission Regulations for the School of Pharmacy. The appeal should be made in writing within fourteen days of the notification of the decision and should be directed to the Director of the School. The letter should state clearly and fully the grounds for the appeal. If the Director of the School, in consultation with the Registrar, judges the grounds to be sufficient, the formal appeals mechanism will be initiated.

  • A student has the right to make a formal appeal against a decision of the Committee on Undergraduate Studies. However, this appeal cannot be made on the basis of the grades awarded in individual courses, as the student will normally have had the opportunity of contesting grades immediately after notification. A formal appeal by a student against the decision of the Committee must be made on grounds other than the grades awarded, e.g. default of procedure. This appeal should be made in writing, clearly stating the basis for the appeal and should be directed in the first instance to the Registrar of the University. The Registrar, in consultation with the Director, will determine whether or not the grounds stated are sufficient to warrant a formal hearing of the appeal.