Office of the Registrar
School of Pharmacy (2010/2011)
6.2 Promotion Status

A student's promotion status at the end of each academic year will be in one of the following two categories:

6.2.1 Clear Promotion

Clear Promotion means a student can proceed to the next academic year without restrictions.

  • Students will receive a Clear Promotion from an academic year by obtaining an average of 65% and having obtained at least a pass in each course. A weighted average based on credit hours in the Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy) program courses will be calculated for determining eligibility for promotion. Neither promotion nor graduation will be permitted if a student has a numeric grade below 50% in any course in the program.

  • Students completing PHAR 2102 must obtain a numeric grade of at least 70%.

  • Students completing PHAR 201W, 302W, 403W, or 500X must obtain a grade of PAS or PWD in each course.

  • Students must attain a passing grade in each elective, but these courses will not be included in calculating the student's average grade for the purposes of promotion, graduation, or academic awards.

6.2.2 Promotion Denied

Promotion Denied indicates Clear Promotion is not achieved at the end of each academic year.

  • A student with Promotion Denied status will normally be required to withdraw from the School.

    • A student who does not obtain a clear promotion may be permitted to repeat all or part of the academic year. If a student is required to repeat a year on the grounds of unsatisfactory performance, his or her performance in the repeated year must meet the conditions for Clear Promotion. If this standard is not met, the Committee on Undergraduate Studies may require the student to withdraw from the program.

    • Normally, the option to repeat a year on the grounds of academic difficulties can be offered only once during the student's Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy) program. This restriction may be waived if it has been demonstrated that the student's academic performance has been adversely affected by factors duly authenticated and acceptable to the Committee on Undergraduate Studies.

  • A student with Promotion Denied status at the end of the final academic term will not be recommended for graduation until the student's status is changed to Clear Promotion.