Office of the Registrar
School of Music (2010/2011)
3 Programs

The School of Music offers the following programs:

  1. Four-year Bachelor of Music with majors in:

    1. Performance

    2. Theory and Composition

    3. Music History and Literature

    4. General Musical Studies (with optional minor from a discipline other than music)

    5. Joint Major in Music Performance and History and Literature of Music

    6. Joint Major in Music Performance and Music Theory and Composition

  2. Five-year Conjoint Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Music Education

  3. Minor in Music History

  4. Interdisciplinary Minor in Music and Culture

  5. Interdisciplinary Major in Drama and Music (Bachelor of Arts)


    The Major program in Drama and Music is currently under review and will not be available for admission for the 2010-2011 year. For further information please contact the Department of English Language and Literature.