Office of the Registrar
Division of Lifelong Learning (2010/2011)
3.2 Criminology


Criminal Procedure and the Administration of Criminal Justice

examines the flow of criminal matters through the criminal justice system. Topics include the investigation into criminal complaints, search and seizure, arrest, release (bail), elections and pleas, preliminary inquiries, trials, sentencing, appeals and the ultimate disposition.


Corrections in the Criminal Justice System

examines the role of corrections in the Canadian criminal justice system which seems to be in constant change. These changes will be reviewed, updated and evaluated as we look at the two-dimensional role of corrections in justice: correctional institutions (prisons) and the community/after-care functions. Includes a review of new Canadian legislation affecting the above areas, as well as an examination of sentencing options and the Canadian pardon system.


Selected Topics in Criminology

will be determined by the Division of Lifelong Learning.