Office of the Registrar
School of Graduate Studies (2010/2011)
3.2 Computer Engineering
3.2.1 Program of Study
  1. The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science offers a course-based program in Computer Engineering leading to the Degree of Master of Applied Science (M.A.Sc.) in Computer Engineering. The program is available only on a full-time basis.

  2. The program is offered by the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science and will be administered by a Board of Studies appointed by the Dean of Engineering and Applied Science.

3.2.2 Qualifications for Admission
  1. Admission to the program is limited and competitive.

  2. To be eligible for consideration for admission, applicants will have at least a second class engineering Degree in Computer Engineering, computer science or electrical engineering; they will have background in many of the following areas: object-oriented programming, data structures, digital logic, computer organization, circuits and electronics, systems and signals, communications, discrete mathematics, probability and statistics and engineering design.

  3. To be eligible for consideration for admission, applicants will meet the English Proficiency Requirements described under English Proficiency Requirements.

3.2.3 Degree Requirements
  1. The degree program requires the completion of 36 credit hours, 6 of which comprise a project course.

    1. Students are required to complete 9801, 9859, 9861, 9865, 9867, 9871, 9874 and 9876.

    2. Three elective courses must be selected; each term the Board of Studies for the program will provide a selection of eligible courses, which may include ENGI 9821, ENGI 9822, ENGI 9868, ENGI 9869, ENGI 9872, ENGI 9875, ENGI 9877, ENGI 9878, ENGI 9879, ENGI 9880/83, ENGI 9888/91, CS 6752, CS 6756, PHYS 6102, and others designated by the Board of Studies for the program.

  2. Normally students will take courses as shown in Table I. Students wishing to take courses in another sequence must request approval from the Board of Studies for the program.

    Table I - M.A.Sc. in Computer Engineering Program




    • Year 1 Spring
    • Year 1 Fall
    • Year 1 Winter
    • Year 2 Spring
    • Year 2 Fall


    • 3
    • 2
    • 2
    • ENGI 9801
    • 0
    • 1
    • 1
    • 1
3.2.4 Evaluation

Students must obtain a grade of at least 65% in all program courses to receive credit for the course towards their program requirements. Any student, who fails to receive 65% or more in a course, must repeat the course in the case of core courses, or must either repeat or replace the course with another program course in the case of elective courses. Any student who receives a grade of less than 65% in two courses or in a repeated course will be required to withdraw from the program.

3.2.5 Courses
  • 980A/B Computer Engineering Project
  • 9802/05 (excluding 9804) Special Topics in Computer Engineering
  • 9806/09 Special Topics in Communications Engineering
  • 9821 Digital Signal Processing
  • 9822 Nonlinear Digital Image Processing and Analysis
  • 9859 Computer Engineering Fundamentals
  • 9861 High-Performance Computer Architecture
  • 9865 Advanced Digital Systems
  • 9867 Advanced Computing Concepts for Engineering
  • 9868 ASIC Design
  • 9869 Advanced Concurrent Programming
  • 9871 Information Theory and Coding
  • 9872 Digital Communications
  • 9874 Software Design and Specification
  • 9875 Embedded and Real-Time Systems Design
  • 9876 Advanced Data Networks
  • 9877 Computer and Communications Security
  • 9878 Wireless and Mobile Communications
  • 9879 Formal Specification and Development
  • 9880-83 Special Topics in Computer Engineering
  • 9888-91 Special Topics in Communications Engineering
  • Computer Science 6752 Applications of Computer Graphics
  • Computer Science 6756 Digital Image Processing
  • Physics 6102 Optics and Photonics