Office of the Registrar
School of Graduate Studies (2010/2011)
20.2 Program of Study
  1. Minimum requirements for the M.P.H. degree in Population and Public Health will include the successful completion of 42 credit hours as follows:

    1. Eight core courses: Public Health Leadership and Management (MED 6725), Epidemiology I (MED 6270), Policy and Decision Making (MED 6288), Communicable Disease Prevention and Control (MED 6724), Biostatistics I (MED 6200), Health Promotion (MED 6723), Environmental Health (MED 6722) and Disease and Injury Prevention (MED 6721).

    2. Six additional credit hours in elective courses chosen from the Courses listing below, or other courses as approved by the M.P.H. program coordinator.

    3. The Public Health Seminar Series courses (MED 6700 - 6701).

    4. Either, the Public Health Practicum (MED 6710) or the Public Health Capstone Research Project (MED 6711) as determined by the Graduate Program Committee depending on the professional background and experience of the candidate.

      The Public Health Practicum is a full-time practice experience conducted in a work setting and following the guidelines set forth by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC).

      All course work must be completed prior to the initiation of either the Public Health Practicum or the Public Health Capstone Research Project.

Table I - Master of Public Health Recommended Course Sequence for Full-Time Students




  • MED 6270 Epidemiology I
  • MED 6288 Policy and Decision Making
  • MED 6700 Public Health Seminar Series I
  • MED 6724 Communicable Disease Prevention and Control
  • MED 6725 Public Health Leadership and Management
  • MED Elective Course


  • MED 6200 Biostatistics I
  • MED 6701 Public Health Seminar Series II
  • MED 6721 Disease and Injury Prevention
  • MED 6722 Environmental Health
  • MED 6723 Health Promotion
  • MED Elective Course


  • MED 6710 Public Health Practicum, or
  • MED 6711 Public Health Capstone Project