Office of the Registrar
School of Graduate Studies (2010/2011)
8.6 Evaluation
  1. The Faculty Council of the Faculty of Business Administration constitutes the examining body for all examinations in Business courses. In addition, the standing of every student will be assessed by the Committee on Graduate Studies in accordance with the requirements outlined in all the clauses below.

  2. Credit towards the M.B.A. Degree will be granted only for those courses which have been approved as constituting part of the student’s program of study and in which the candidate has obtained a mark of 65% or higher.

  3. A candidate is required to withdraw from the M.B.A. program if:

    1. a final grade of 'D' or 'F' is obtained in two courses, or

    2. a final grade of 'C' or less is obtained in three courses, or

    3. a final grade of 'C' or less is obtained in a repeated course.

  4. The above clause notwithstanding:

    1. to remain in the program, a candidate who obtains a final grade of ‘C’ or less in any course must normally repeat that course when next offered, and is permitted to repeat that course only once. In the case of an elective course, a replacement course approved by the Committee on Graduate Studies may be substituted for the failed course. Only one such repetition/replacement of an elective course shall be permitted in the candidate’s graduate program.

    2. in some instances, at the discretion of the course instructor, and with the approval of the Associate Dean, Academic Programs, Faculty of Business Administration, a student who has received a grade of ‘C’ or less in any course may be permitted to complete remedial work and may be re-examined. A student who passes after re-examination will have “passed on the basis of re-examination” recorded on their transcript, and the original grade will remain. A student who receives a grade of ‘C’ or less after re-examination will be required to withdraw from the program. The original grade will count as part of the total number of final grades of ‘C’ or less permitted before a student is required to withdraw as specified above. The pursuit of remedial work may not be offered more than twice to an individual student.