Office of the Registrar
General Information (2010/2011)
6.9 Health and Safety, Department of

  • Director
  • Miller, S., B.N. Memorial, MScA McGill, CRSP, COHN©)
  • Radiation Safety/Bio-safety Officer
  • Woods, D., B.Sc. Mississippi State
  • Health and Safety Advisor (Boating/Diving)
  • Foley, S.
  • Health and Safety Advisor (Laboratory Safety)
  • Battock, B.
  • Health and Safety Advisor (General)
  • Gosse, D.

The Department of Health and Safety provides leadership for the planning, directing and management of Memorial University of Newfoundland's Health and Safety Program. In meeting the University’s goal of providing a safe and healthy environment which supports teaching, research and University life, the Department provides expert health and safety advice to the University community on the full range of health and safety matters including ergonomics, work place organization, accident and injury prevention, fire safety, air quality analysis, radiation safety, bio-safety/infection control, and hazardous materials handling and disposal. The Department monitors the University’s health and safety performance to identify opportunities for continued improvement. It oversees the delivery of training programs which meet regulatory requirements and which provide members of the University with the information and skills needed to carry out their work and studies safely.