Office of the Registrar
General Information (2010/2011)
5 Governing Bodies and Staff
5.1 The Board of Regents 2009-2010
  • Officers of the Board
  • Robert E. Simmonds, QC, St. John's, Chair of the Board
  • Eleanor Swanson, St. John's, Vice-Chair of the Board
  • Tina Pardy, Secretary to the Board
  • Ex-Officio Members
  • The Chancellor
  • The President and Vice-Chancellor
  • The Vice-President (Academic)
  • Members Appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council
  • Sheila Ashton, Corner Brook
  • Gilbert Bennett, St. John's
  • Jerry Byrne, St. John's
  • Pat Coish-Snow, Clarenville
  • Mary Cormier, Corner Brook
  • Brian Dalton, St. John's
  • Michelle Daye, Grand Falls
  • Martin Gould, St. John's
  • Noreen Greene-Fraize, St. John's
  • Jim Keating, St. John's
  • Bill Matthews, St. John's
  • Vinod Patel, St. John's
  • Tony Roche, St. John's
  • Kathleen Roul, Lawn
  • Donna Stone, St. John's
  • Members Elected by the Memorial University of Newfoundland Alumni Association
  • Julie Browne, Calgary
  • Rex Gibbons, St. John's
  • Jennifer (Davis) Guy, St. John's
  • Ken Marshall, St. John's
  • Eleanor Swanson, St. John's
  • Auburn Warren, St. John's
  • Student Members Appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council
  • Adam Daniels, Memorial University of Newfoundland Students' Union
  • Vacant, Graduate Students’ Union
  • Vacant, Grenfell College Students' Union
  • Vacant, Marine Institute Students' Union