Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Education (2010/2011)
2.23 Regulations for the Degree of Bachelor of Education (Post-Secondary) as a Second Degree
  1. Candidates must also comply with UNIVERSITY REGULATIONS - General Academic Regulations (Undergraduate) - Second Degree.

  2. To obtain the Bachelor of Education (Post-Secondary) as a second degree a candidate must complete at least 36 credit hours in Education. The 36 credit hours must include:

    1. Twenty-one credit hours as follows: Education 2710, 2720, 2730, 2801, 3280, 3801, 4700.

    2. Fifteen credit hours of which 6 must be chosen from Education 2800, 2803, or 2806, and 9 must be chosen from 3440, 3710, 3720, 3730, 4710, 4730 or 4760-4780

  3. At least 9 of the credit hours required under clause 2.a. must be completed at this University.


Work competence and experience related to occupational area is required for acceptance to this program as outlined in the Admission Requirements but no advanced standing will be granted.