Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Business Administration (2010/2011)
2.4 Values Statement
  1. Leadership and Innovation: We are committed to demonstrating leadership and to ensuring a professional educational environment; to being strategic in our thoughts and in our actions; and to developing and fostering an entrepreneurial culture that stretches our boundaries.

  2. Respect and Diversity: We will treat people fairly and in an equitable manner; encourage mutual support and demonstrate respect for each other, for teaching and for research; embrace diverse cultures, new ideas and new approaches; and demonstrate respect for our environment.

  3. Excellence: We will set high standards and challenge people to reach their potential; promote critical and analytical thinking; and demonstrate competence and relevance through high quality faculty, staff, and students.

  4. Collaboration: We are committed to our relationships and to our partnerships; to being a valued partner that is open to working with others to advance mutual interests; to recognizing the role of others; and to providing a meaningful contribution to any collaborative efforts.

  5. Integrity: We are committed to the highest level of integrity in the way we do things and in what we produce.