Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Business Administration (2021/2022)
5 Program Regulations
  1. The Office of the Registrar and the Faculty of Business Administration will assist students with any questions or problems which might arise concerning the interpretation of academic regulations. It is, however, the responsibility of students to see that their academic programs meet the University's regulations in all respects.

  2. No student shall obtain more than one undergraduate degree from the Faculty of Business Administration.

  3. The Faculty of Business Administration may recommend that transfer credit for certain Business courses be awarded on the basis of successful completion of professional courses that lead to a professional designation (e.g. C.A., C.G.A., C.M.A.). Applications for transfer credit should be made through the Office of the Registrar.

  4. The Faculty of Business Administration may approve that credit for certain Business courses successfully completed through Memorial University of Newfoundland's former Extension Services Division be granted upon application to the Registrar for transfer credit evaluation.

5.1 Regulations for Business Minors
  1. Students who are completing a non-Business degree program which provides for the completion of a minor may complete a minor in either Business Administration or International Business.

  2. Students who wish to undertake either Business minor program must have completed a minimum of 30 credit hours. Application is made in the space provided on the appropriate program declaration form which must then be approved by the Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration or delegate. The form may be obtained in person at the Office of the Registrar or at Admission into the minor program is selective: at the time of application a student must have a cumulative average of at least 65%.

  3. A Minor in Business Administration shall consist of 24 credit hours comprising the following courses: BUSI 1000, 1101, 1210, 3310, 4000, 4500, and two courses chosen from BUSI 1600, 2101, 2210, 3700, 4320 and 4330.

  4. A Minor in International Business is offered as a special program of an interdisciplinary nature, consisting of 24 credit hours as follows:

    1. BUSI 1101, 1210, 3310, 5302, Political Science 2200; and

    2. Three further courses from 6040, 6311, 6330, 7005, 6550, 7240, a pre-requisite for one of the preceding courses and/or from cognate courses such as Economics 3030, 4030, Political Science 3210, and 3250, to be chosen through prior consultation with the Academic Programs Office.

  5. Course prerequisites for all courses shall apply to both Business minors. Students should note, for example, that the prerequisites for BUSI 4500 are BUSI 1101, Statistics 2500 and Economics 1010 (or the former 2010), and that the prerequisites for BUSI 5302 are BUSI 1000, Economics 1010 (or the former 2010), Economics 1020 (or the former 2020). It should be noted that some courses are not offered every semester.