Office of the Registrar
General Information (2019/2020)
9.2 Client Services

CITL provides support on campus at service points: G.A. Hickman Building, ED1032; Science Building, SN2104; SJ. Carew Building, EN3012; the Commons in the Queen Elizabeth II Library; and the Teachers' Legacy Rotunda. Online and telephone support is also available seven days a week. When the St. John’s Campus is closed unexpectedly, regular online service hours remain in effect with staff providing remote client support. CITL can assist with: accessing online course components; accessing and using educational technologies, including Brightspace and Online Rooms; technical support for hardware/software configuration, embedded multimedia, and creating/editing course blogs; and accessing online student resources. CITL also supports and administers mid-term, final and deferred examinations for online courses, utilizing various invigilation methods including established exam sites and online invigilation. Additionally, to best serve new and returning online students, CITL makes regular and scheduled contact throughout the online experience to effectively engage and retain students. Further information on CITL services may be obtained through the website at or to the Support Centre at, or by telephone to (709) 864-8700 or toll free to (866) 435-1396.