Office of the Registrar
General Information (2019/2020)
11.4 Centre for Earth Resources Research (CERR)
  • Director
  • Hanchar, J.M., B.S. Memphis, M.S. Vanderbilt, Ph.D. Rensselar Polytechnic Institute

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Research Group

The Centre draws on the research expertise of faculty and research staff members in the Department of Earth Sciences as well as other specialists inside and external to the University. For a complete listing of faculty, see Earth Sciences entry.

Scope and Objectives

The CERR was established in 1983 to provide for the co-ordination and promotion of earth resources research and associated work related to the origin, discovery, development, exploitation, and environmental aspects of earth resources. The Centre promotes, initiates, and co-ordinates research within the earth resources disciplines on the national and international scenes. Researchers interact, when appropriate, with the industrial and government sectors and introduce other organizations to the potential benefits of further research and development in earth resources. The special facilities of the Centre complement the development of graduate and undergraduate programs in earth sciences and related disciplines at Memorial University of Newfoundland. A further function of the Centre is to contribute to the training of people competent in solving earth resources problems and to encourage personnel exchanges with industry and government. The Alexander Murray Building houses the Centre, and has laboratories for teaching and basic and applied research.


The Centre is an integral part of the Department of Earth Sciences. The active research of faculty members contributes to programs in the Centre. Increasing collaboration is under way with government and industry in research projects that emphasize earth resources. The work of the Centre addresses problems and opportunities related to mineral resources, petroleum resources, exploration technology, environmental geoscience, and generic research. The Centre works closely with other local, national, and international research institutes. CERR hosts the geoscience component of the University's Oil and Gas Development Partnership.