Office of the Registrar
General Information (2019/2020)
8.5 Vision, Mission, and Core Values of the University

In 2013 the University adopted:


Memorial University will be one of the most distinguished public universities in Canada and beyond, and will fulfil its special obligations to the people of Newfoundland and Labrador.


Memorial University is an inclusive community dedicated to innovation and excellence in teaching and learning, research, scholarship, creative activity, service and public engagement. Memorial welcomes and supports students and scholars from all over the world and contributes knowledge and expertise locally, nationally and internationally.

Core Values

  • Excellence

    Encouraging and promoting excellence through innovation and creativity, rigour and pragmatism.

  • Integrity

    Being honest and ethical in all interactions, maintaining the highest ethical standards in teaching, research, public engagement and service.

  • Collegiality

    Engaging others with respect, openness and trust in pursuit or a common purpose, having regard for individuals, ideals and the institution as a whole.

  • Inclusiveness and Diversity

    Embracing and acting on responsibility to guarantee diversity and equity.

  • Responsiveness

    Being receptive to individuals and communities.

  • Accountability

    Accepting responsibility for achievement of common goals and objectives.

  • Freedom and Discovery

    Supporting the freedom to pursue knowledge that is based on individual and collective intelligence, curiosity, ingenuity and creativity.

  • Recognition

    Acknowledging, tangibly, all aspects of university enterprise including teaching and learning, research, scholarship, creative activity and public engagement.

  • Responsibility to Place

    Valuing and fulfilling the special obligations to the people of Newfoundland and Labrador by supporting and building capacity for excellence that:

    • addresses needs and opportunities for Newfoundland and Labrador;

    • engages the university community on matters of national and international significance;

    • produces and delivers academic programs of national and international calibre; and

    • recognizes the dynamic opportunities presented by a multi-campus institution.

  • Responsibility to Learners

    Recognizing students as a first priority and providing the environment and support to ensure their academic and personal success.

  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration

    Supporting overarching themes in all pursuits that cut across academic units and address significant opportunities and challenges for which Memorial is particularly well positioned to build nationally and internationally recognized capacity.

  • Sustainability

    Acting in a manner that is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable in administration, academic and research programs.