Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Business Administration (2019/2020)
6 Business Concentrations

Students completing degrees in the Faculty of Business Administration may choose to complete their Business electives in a number of different areas or to concentrate in one of the areas outlined below. In either case, students must complete the required number of BUSI and non-BUSI electives outlined in the program regulations for the degree in which they are enrolled. BUSI electives must be chosen Table 4 Business Electives. A concentration provides students with the opportunity to focus their studies in one of the following areas. Particular attention should be paid to necessary prerequisites when scheduling courses. Students enrolled in Study Abroad programs should consult with the appropriate Faculty of Business Administration Area Group Coordinator regarding the applicability of courses taken while studying abroad to their chosen concentration. Students pursuing programs other than the Bachelor of Commerce (Co-operative) should note that certain concentrations might require them to take additional courses beyond those required for the degree. Please note that these concentrations are neither binding nor official. Students are not required to complete a concentration and even if they do, it is not reflected on their transcripts or degree parchments.

6.1 Accounting

Students electing an Accounting concentration should complete the following courses:

BUSI 5160, BUSI 5500, BUSI 6100, BUSI 6110, BUSI 6120, BUSI 6130, BUSI 7120, BUSI 7125, and BUSI 7160.