Office of the Registrar
Grenfell Campus (2014/2015)
10 Division of Fine Arts

Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees are available in Theatre and in Visual Arts. Students completing a Fine Arts degree are not required to follow the Grenfell Campus Core program requirements.

The Minor Program is available in Art History.

10.1 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre)

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre) program is designed to educate and train the student in the history, theory and practice of the theatre arts. The degree provides an undergraduate training, delivered by theatre professionals, that will prepare students to enter a professional graduate school of theatre, theatre conservatory or an apprenticeship in the theatre profession. The degree also provides a broad liberal arts education with a strong component of dramatic literature, enabling the graduate to pursue a variety of careers outside the theatre profession.

In recognition of the relative isolation of the Grenfell Campus and the need for students of the performing arts to be exposed to examples of excellence in their field of study, provision will be made for students in their senior years to visit major theatre centres outside the province (e.g. the Harlow Campus will be utilized for studies in London and Stratford).

10.1.1 Admission Requirements
  1. Academic Requirements

    Applicants must meet the general admission requirements of the University.

  2. Audition

    In addition to meeting the general admission requirements of the University, applicants for the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre) must undergo an audition/interview to the satisfaction of the department. Enrollment in the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre) is limited and selection is competitive.

  3. The deadline for submission of Theatre application forms is March 31st of the year in which admission is sought.

10.1.2 Academic Performance
  1. Attendance and participation in all studio courses and production rehearsals is vital to the collaborative nature of the program of study in Theatre. Absence from classes or rehearsals of any one student could jeopardize a production, the proper dissemination of practical skills and the overall safety of the students. Therefore attendance at all studio classes, rehearsals and crew calls will be compulsory.

  2. Students who fail a studio course shall not take more advanced courses in that discipline until the failed course has been satisfactorily completed.

  3. Students shall complete all 1000 level Theatre courses before advancing to any 2000 level Theatre course.

  4. A candidate whose average in the Theatre courses for the B.F.A. degree falls below 65 percent in any semester will be placed on probation within the program. A student placed on probation at the end of the final semester of the Theatre program will not be recommended for graduation.

  5. A candidate will be required to withdraw from the program if the candidate's average in Theatre courses falls below 65 percent in each of two consecutive semesters of his/her enrollment in the program.

  6. Candidates who have withdrawn or who have been required to withdraw from the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre) program and wish to re-enter the program must re-apply in competition after a lapse of two semesters by April 30 for the upcoming Fall semester, or by August 30 for the upcoming Winter semester.

  7. Candidates who have been required to withdraw twice from the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre) program shall be ineligible for further admission.

  8. The Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre) program is intended for full-time students only. Students are strongly advised to take the full course load as prescribed each semester and so progress through the degree in clearly defined blocks of courses.

10.1.3 Degree Regulations

Where circumstances warrant any prerequisite(s) for Theatre courses may be waived by the Program Chair.

Students in their first year will not be allowed to participate in theatre productions. Exceptions will be made only with the permission of the Head of the Division of Fine Arts, and permission will be given only where a student demonstrates satisfactory performance.

Where circumstances warrant, a student in second or third year may be given the opportunity for advanced responsibilities in production with the permission of the Program Chair. Permission will be given only where a student demonstrates above average academic performance as well as exceptional theatrical ability.

Productions will constitute the designated number of rehearsal hours as described below. However, the final week of rehearsals (technical rehearsals) will include ten hour days on Saturday and Sunday. All performances will take place in the evenings with the possible exceptions of occasional matinees.

Any departmental regulations may be waived by the Committee on Undergraduate Studies upon request of the Program Chair by the appropriate Committee on Undergraduate Studies.

To be awarded the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre) a student shall successfully complete 120 credit hours which would normally be completed over a four-year period and must be chosen in accordance with the following pattern:

  1. English 1000 and 1001 or equivalent

  2. Visual Arts 2700 and 2701

  3. Eighteen credit hours in dramatic literature as follows:

  4. Fifteen credit hours in academic elective courses

  5. Seventy-five credit hours in Theatre chosen in accordance with the following pattern:

    Theatre 1000, 1001, 1010, 1020, 4030, 4040, and 4001 (Harlow Institute - 10 credit hours) and

    Forty-seven credit hours in one of the following Majors:


10.1.4 Course Structure for the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre

Year 1

Year 3

  • Winter
  • Theatre 1001
  • Theatre 1110 or Theatre 1120
  • English 1001/1051
  • Elective
  • Elective
  • Winter
  • Theatre 3011 or Theatre 3021
  • Theatre 3061 or Theatre 3071
  • Theatre 3081 or Theatre 3091
  • Dramatic Literature course
  • Elective

Year 2

Year 4

  • Winter
  • Theatre 2011 or Theatre 2021
  • Theatre 2081 or Theatre 2091
  • English 2351
  • Dramatic Literature course
  • Visual Arts 2701
  • Winter
  • Theatre 4001 (Harlow Institute - 10 credit hours)