Office of the Registrar
Grenfell Campus (2014/2015)
7.2 Major in Historical Studies

The Major consists of a minimum of 42 credit hours in History courses and 15 additional credit hours drawn from a prescribed list of courses from other disciplines.

The student must complete:

  1. History 1100, 1101, 3840 and 4950.

  2. Twelve credit hours from courses in each of the two following categories:

  3. Six credit hours in 4000-level History courses (in addition to History 4950). Prerequisite: At least six credit hours at the 3000 level, or permission of the Chair.

  4. Fifteen credit hours chosen from:


    These are courses that are thematically or methodologically relevant to the study of History (students may be allowed to take others with permission of the Program Chair). Applicable courses used to satisfy the Minor requirements may also be counted as Historical Studies credits. No more than 6 credit hours from any one discipline will be counted toward Historical Studies Major.