Office of the Registrar
Grenfell Campus (2014/2015)
5.3 Minor

A minimum of 24 credit hours must be completed in a single discipline or interdisciplinary area other than that of the Major. Minors are available in the following areas:

  • Division of Arts: Classics, English, French, Historical Studies, Humanities, Philosophy, Religious Studies
  • Division of Social Science: Business, Canadian Studies, Economics, Environmental Studies, Folklore, Geography, Psychology, Social/Cultural Studies, Sociology; Tourism Studies
  • Division of Fine Arts: Art History
  • Division of Science: Environmental Science, Mathematics, Physics, Science

A candidate must follow the requirements for the Minor program as set forth in the Grenfell Campus section of the University Calendar.

As an alternative to a Minor, a second Major may be completed and students must meet all general and departmental or program regulations for both Majors.

Any student enrolled in the Grenfell Campus B.A. Degree with a Major in English who has completed the B.F.A. (Theatre) Degree at Grenfell Campus will be considered to have fulfilled the requirements for a Minor in Theatre.