Office of the Registrar
School of Social Work (2009/2010)
4 Admission/Readmission Regulations for the Bachelor of Social Work Program

In addition to meeting the UNIVERSITY REGULATIONS students must meet the admission/readmission regulations for the School of Social Work.

4.1 General Information
  1. Entry to the program is competitive for a limited number of placements.

  2. Selection of candidates will be based on academic standing, relevant work/volunteer experience, and personal suitability for a career in social work.

  3. The School of Social Work depends on the cooperation of community agencies external to the University to provide field internships and instruction to its students. Many of these agencies have a range of requirements, such as a Certificate of Conduct or a Child Protection Records Check, which must be completed before starting the internship. Students unable to meet these agencies’ requirements may be delayed in their program or prevented from completing their program of study. Students are required to complete and update these requirements in a timely fashion and at their own expense. The procedures of any given agency may change from time to time and are beyond the control of the University.

  4. The School may, at its discretion, give preference to applicants with special needs, provided that they have met the minimum numeric grade and course requirements for admission to the program.

  5. Students applying for readmission must meet all admission and promotion requirements of the School of Social Work in effect for the year in which re-admission is being sought.