Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Science (2009/2010)
5.12 Joint Honours in Geography/Earth Sciences (B.Sc. Only)

The following courses will be required. A few prerequisites are not met by this list of courses, and students are advised to obtain advice from instructors in such cases to be sure that they are prepared for course material. Both departmental Heads can advise students on a workable sequencing of courses to complete the degree in a timely manner, and students should view a student handbook that describes thematic streams within the program and offers specific guidance about course selection.

  1. English 1080 or equivalent, English 1110 or equivalent, Geography 1050, Mathematics 1000 and 1001, Earth Sciences 1000 and 1002, one of Chemistry 1010 or 1050 (or equivalent) and one of Chemistry 1011 or 1051 (or equivalent), Physics 1050 and 1051, or Physics 1020 and 1021.

  2. Geography 2001 or 2302, and Geography 2102, 2195, 2226, 2425 and 3226, Earth Sciences 2401 or 2502, and Earth Sciences 2030, 2031, 2702 and 2905.

  3. Mathematics 2000 or Statistics 2510 or Geography 3222, Biology 1001 and 1002, or Biology 2120 or Physics 2055.

  4. Either Earth Sciences 499A and 499B, or Geography 4990 and Geography 4999.

  5. At least an additional 40 credit hours from Earth Sciences and Geography, with a minimum of 16 credit hours from Earth Sciences and 18 credit hours from Geography; and a minimum of 9 credit hours at the 4000-level in each discipline. Earth Sciences 2150, 2914, 2915, 2916, 2917 and 4310 cannot be used to fulfill this requirement. Geography 2105, 2290, 2405, 2460 and 2495 cannot be used to fulfill this requirement.

  6. Additional credit hours selected to conform to the Regulations for the Honours Degree of Bachelor of Science so as to achieve a total of 120 credit hours.


  1. The topic of the Honours dissertation must be chosen with the approval of both Departments. A faculty member of either Department may act as supervisor.

  2. Any change in the program of study must have the prior approval of the Heads of both Departments concerned.

  3. The number of specified courses means that English 1110 will be taken normally in the second or third year of the program.

  4. Students who do not satisfy the Regulations for the Honours Degree of Bachelor of Science - Academic Standing, but who successfully complete all the courses, with the exception of the Honours dissertation, and who satisfy all other requirements for the Bachelor of Science, will be eligible to receive a Bachelor of Science with a joint major in Geography and Earth Science.