Office of the Registrar
School of Graduate Studies (2009/2010)
25.6 Internship
  1. Candidates for the Degree of Master of Women's Studies (internship option) will complete a minimum of 18 credit hours. Candidates will also be required to complete an internship.

  2. Internship placements shall be for one semester. Part-time internships of two semesters will require approval from the proposed agency or institution and the Women's Studies Graduate Studies Committee.

  3. Students, in consultation with their Supervisor and the Women's Studies Graduate Co-ordinator, will explore internship options and locate an eligible person to provide field instruction during their internship. Although consideration will be given to all factors affecting the location and type of all Women's Studies internships, the final decision regarding internship rests with the Women's Studies Program and the Dean of Graduate Studies.

  4. Factors affecting the type and location of the internship include: the number of immersion hours per week; the extent to which the intern takes up a trainee, supervisory and/or research role and whether the intern would be working directly or indirectly with clients of the agency or institution.

  5. Each internship shall be supervised by a Supervisory Committee of at least three members, including the candidate's Supervisor, the field Supervisor and Women's Studies Graduate Co-ordinator or her/his delegate.

  6. The Supervisory Committee will meet with the intern and field instructor at least once during the internship period to make an assessment of the nature and quality of the intern's progress, and to approve any modifications to the internship.

  7. The internship proposal, approved by the student's supervisors, will be presented to the Women's Studies Graduate Committee for its approval. The proposal must normally be approved by the Women's Studies Graduate Committee no later than the end of the candidate's third semester in the program.

  8. Regardless of the form that the internship takes, there must be a written internship report (35-50 pages). When the candidate completes the internship report, the Supervisory Committee will recommend to the Dean of Graduate Studies a grade of pass or fail. A candidate will be permitted to submit an internship report only after the Committee has determined that the internship placement has been fully completed.

  9. Should the Women's Studies Co-ordinator, on the recommendation of the Supervisory Committee, terminate the internship prior to its completion, it may recommend to the Dean of Graduate Studies one of the following:

    1. submission of a new internship proposal for a different field setting (once only);

    2. selection of the thesis or project option;

    3. termination of the student's program.


  • 6000 Feminist Theory
  • 6100 Epistemological and Methodological Approaches to Women's Studies
  • 6200 Graduate Seminar in Women's Studies
  • 6300 Feminism as Community
  • 6380 Women, Nature, Science and Technology (cross-listed as Sociology 6380)
  • 6400-6420 Special Topics in Women's Studies
  • 6500 Women and Communication Studies