Office of the Registrar
School of Graduate Studies (2009/2010)
24.2 Procedure for Admission
  1. Applicants must submit an application for admission with supporting documentation to the School of Graduate Studies. The supporting documentation will consist of: an official transcript of the applicant's previous academic record submitted directly from the institution(s) attended; a certificate of conduct (criminal record check); a statement of previous professional employment; a list of any published or unpublished works; a declaration of program emphasis and educational objectives; and three letters of appraisal, to be submitted by three referees, at least one assessing the applicant’s previous academic performance and at least one assessing the applicant’s previous practice performance. Letters of appraisal are to be submitted directly to the School of Graduate Studies.

  2. The Graduate Studies Committee of the School of Social Work may require the applicant to appear for a personal interview with a faculty member or members.

  3. A student who meets the basic admission requirements under Qualifications for Admission above, may, space permitting, take no more than 6 credit hours in Social Work graduate courses, SCWK 6011, 6412, and graduate Social Work electives, without applying for and being admitted to the M.S.W. program. Students wishing to take courses under this provision must contact the M.S.W. Student Services Coordinator at least 2 months prior to the semester in which the course is scheduled. If there are available seats in the course, the person will need to submit to the School of Social Work the appropriate form requesting permission to register in a graduate course with evidence of BSW graduation, academic transcripts, and a brief professional resume, and apply or reapply for admission to Memorial University of Newfoundland as an undergraduate.

  4. A person who has completed an M.S.W. Degree is eligible to register in any M.S.W. course offering, space permitting.