Office of the Registrar
School of Graduate Studies (2009/2010)
23.3 Program of Study
  1. Minimum requirements for the M.Sc. (Pharm.) Degree will be the successful completion of:

    1. Six credit hours in program graduate courses chosen from those available in Pharmacy, Medicine or Biochemistry.

    2. Pharmacy Seminar

    3. A thesis embodying original research

  2. Graduate courses will be chosen based on the academic background of the student and the area of his/her thesis research.


    Qualified students accepted into the program who are considered to have an insufficient background for their thesis research may be required to successfully complete additional courses as selected by their Supervisor.

  3. Pharmacy Seminar: All candidates for the Degree of M.Sc. (Pharm.) will be required to participate in the Pharmacy Seminar during the first two years of their program. Selected topics in pharmaceutical sciences will be presented and discussed by faculty, students and visiting speakers. Graduate students will be required to present one seminar each year. In the second year of study, the graduate student will present a progress report of his/her research in the seminar. Upon successful completion of the seminar the Chair of the Graduate Studies Committee will so notify the Dean of Graduate Studies.


Permission of the instructor and the Graduate Studies Committee of the School of Pharmacy is required for admission to any of the graduate Pharmacy courses.

  • 6000 Medicinal Chemistry
  • 6001 Advanced Physical Pharmacy
  • 6002 Dosage Form Design and Novel Drug Delivery Systems
  • 6003 Pharmacokinetic Modelling
  • 6004 Principles of General Pharmacology
  • 6005 Toxicology of Therapeutic Agents and Chemicals
  • 6100-6104 Special Topics in Pharmacy

M.Sc. (Pharm.) Thesis

Every candidate shall submit a thesis to the School of Graduate Studies. The thesis shall contain original research conducted by the candidate and approved by the supervisory committee.

In preparation for the thesis examination, the candidate will provide a copy of the thesis to each member of the supervisory committee. Each member of this committee will submit a written report to the Chairman of the Graduate Studies Committee.

Before the thesis is submitted, the student shall present an open seminar on the topic of investigation to the School of Pharmacy. Any serious deficiencies noticed at this stage should be carefully considered, in consultation with the supervisory committee, for revision.

Three copies of the thesis shall be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies through the School of Pharmacy, in a form and format as specified by the School of Graduate Studies.

As specified in General Regulation Theses and Reports of the School of Graduate Studies, the written thesis will be reviewed by examiners appointed by the Dean of Graduate Studies on the recommendation of the Director of the School of Pharmacy or the Chairman of the Graduate Studies Committee.