Office of the Registrar
School of Graduate Studies (2009/2010)
26.19 History
  • Professor and Head of the Department
  • C. Youé

The degrees of Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Arts are offered in History by full-time or part-time study.

26.19.1 Doctor of Philosophy
  1. The Ph.D. Degree in History is offered in the following areas:

    1. Canadian History

    2. Maritime History

    3. Newfoundland History

  2. An applicant must hold either a Master's Degree in History or a Bachelor's Degree in History with first-class Honours or their equivalents as determined by the Head of the Department and the Dean.

  3. All candidates must successfully complete History 7000 and 7001 in the first year of the program. The Supervisory Committee may require the candidate to complete additional graduate courses.

  4. All candidates must demonstrate in accordance with regulations established by the School of Graduate Studies a reading knowledge of French before taking the comprehensive examination. On the recommendation of the Supervisory Committee a modern language other than French may be substituted. In addition, the Supervisory Committee may require a demonstrated reading knowledge of a second language other than French or English (or the substitute language).

  5. Candidates will undertake supervised reading in fields prescribed by the Department. The Supervisors of these programs of reading, along with the thesis Supervisor, will comprise the student's Supervisory Committee. This reading will prepare the student for the comprehensive oral examination.

  6. Candidates must submit a thesis proposal, deemed acceptable by the Supervisory Committee, to the Department before sitting the comprehensive examination.

  7. Candidates will normally sit the comprehensive oral examination in the second year of the program.

  8. Interested applicants are urged to consult with the Head of the Department on these prerequisites and other requirements before filing an application for admission.

26.19.2 Courses

A selection of the following graduate courses will be offered to meet the requirements of candidates as far as the resources of the Department will allow:

  • 6000 Advanced Studies in Newfoundland History
  • 6010 Advanced Studies in Canadian History
  • 6020 Advanced Studies in the History of the United States
  • 6030 Advanced Studies in French History
  • 6040 Advanced Studies in British History
  • 6050 Advanced Studies in German History
  • 6060 Advanced Studies in North Atlantic History
  • 6070 Advanced Studies in Social History
  • 6075 Advanced Studies in Labour and Working Class History
  • 6080 Advanced Studies in Intellectual History
  • 6090 Advanced Studies in Women's History
  • 6095 Advanced Studies in Ethnohistory
  • 6100 Advanced Studies in Military History
  • 6105 Advanced Studies in Diplomatic History
  • 6110 Advanced Studies in Maritime History
  • 6120 Advanced Studies in Economic and Business History
  • 6125 Medical Science and Social Responsibility in Health Care: Aspects of Medical History (Cross-listed as Medicine 6420)
  • 6130 Quantification and Measurement in History
  • 6140-59 Research in Special Topics
  • 6160-79 Reading Courses (Special Topics)
  • 6180 Seminar in Historiography
  • 6200 Masters Seminar I
  • 6210 Sources, Methods and Criticism: Practising History
  • 6999 Masters Research Paper (9 credit hours)
  • 7000 Ph.D. Seminar I
  • 7001 Ph.D. Seminar II