Office of the Registrar
School of Graduate Studies (2009/2010)
26.7 Computer Science
  • Professor and Head of the Department
  • W. Banzhaf

The degrees of Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy are offered in Computer Science.

26.7.1 Doctor of Philosophy
  1. Admission into the Ph.D. program in Computer Science is normally restricted to candidates holding a Master's Degree (or equivalent) in Computer Science or a closely related area. Others may be considered for admission. See Qualifications for Admission of the General Regulations. International applicants are strongly encouraged to submit results of the (general) Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Test.

  2. Each candidate for the Ph.D. shall complete a program of graduate courses prescribed by the supervisory committee. The normal minimum will be 9 credit hours.

  3. The candidate shall take the Comprehensive Examination within the time limits specified in Comprehensive Examinations of the General Regulations. Students should consult the Departmental guidelines for a detailed description of the content of the Comprehensive Examination.

  4. The Ph.D. Degree program will conclude with an oral defence of the thesis as described in Theses and Reports of the General Regulations.

26.7.2 Courses

A selection of the following graduate courses will be offered to meet the requirements of candidates, as far as the resources of the Department will allow:

  • Programming Languages
  • 6711 Syntax and Semantics of Programming Languages
  • 6712 Compiling Techniques
  • 6713 Software Engineering
  • 6714 Functional Programming
  • 6715 Logic Programming
  • 6716 Concurrent Programming
  • 6718-6719 Special Topics in Programming Languages
  • Computer Systems
  • 6720 Distributed and Parallel Computing
  • 6721 Operating Systems Design
  • 6722 Advanced Computer Architectures
  • 6723 Microprocessor Systems
  • 6724 VLSI Design (same as Engineering 9863)
  • 6725 Computational Aspects of VLSI (same as Engineering 9864)
  • 6726 Modelling and Analysis of Computing Systems
  • 6727 Introduction to High Performance Computer Systems
  • 6728-6729 Special Topics in Computer Systems - Computer Networks
  • Numerical Computations
  • 6731 Topics in Numerical Methods
  • 6732 Matrix Computations
  • 6738-6739 Special Topics in Numerical Methods
  • Theoretical Aspects
  • 6741 Advanced Automata Theory
  • 6742 Theory of Databases
  • 6743 Complexity of Computational Problems
  • 6745 Special Topics - Advanced Computational Geometry
  • 6748-6749 Special Topics in Theoretical Computer Science
  • Applications
  • 6751 Database Technology and Information Retrieval
  • 6752 Applications of Computer Graphics
  • 6753 Artificial Intelligence
  • 6754 Post-Genomic Computational Biology
  • 6755 Knowledge-Based Systems
  • 6756 Digital Image Processing
  • 6758-6769 Special Topics in Computer Applications
  • 6770-6790 Special Topics in Computer Science