Office of the Registrar
School of Graduate Studies (2009/2010)
25 Regulations Governing the Degree of Master of Women's Studies
  • Associate Professor and Head of the Department
  • K. Side

The degree of Master of Women's Studies (M.W.S.) is designed for students from any discipline who have an appropriate background in Women's Studies. The objectives of the program are to provide students with advanced courses in a broad range of Women's Studies specialties and particularly in Women's Studies theories and methods; to equip students with the practical, theoretical and methodological skills to carry out independent research at the master's level; and to foster interdisciplinary approaches to the study of women and gender.

The program is administered by the Department of Women's Studies and the Graduate Studies Advisory Committee.

The Graduate Co-ordinator, on behalf of the Women's Studies Graduate Committee, makes recommendations to the Dean of Graduate Studies concerning admission, and financial support for students, and administers all other matters pertaining to the graduate program.

25.1 Master of Women's Studies Degree

The Degree of Master of Women's Studies is offered by full- or part-time study. Candidates may choose a thesis or non-thesis (project or internship) program. The program draws scholarly participation from faculty members in a range of academic disciplines within the School of Graduate Studies.