Office of the Registrar
School of Graduate Studies (2009/2010)
9 Regulations Governing the Degree of Master of Education
  • Associate Professor and Dean
  • D. Dibbon
  • Associate Professor and Associate Dean
  • T. Seifert

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) is offered in the following areas: Educational Leadership Studies, Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Studies, Counselling Psychology, Post-Secondary Studies and Information Technology.

In the case of the following general program regulations and the specific program regulations, which govern all Master of Education Degree programs, Dean refers to the Dean of Graduate Studies, Dean of Education refers to the Office of the Dean, Faculty of Education, and Faculty refers to the Faculty of Education, through its various operating committees.

Students taking any of the Master of Education Degree programs are advised that a Bachelor of Education Degree is required for employment in the K - 12 system.

9.1 Qualifications for Admission
  1. Admission to the Master of Education is limited and competitive. To be considered for admission to a graduate program in Education, an applicant shall:

    1. have from a recognized institution, either (I) an undergraduate degree with at least second class standing, or (ii) an undergraduate degree and an average of at least 70% in the last 90 attempted undergraduate credit hours.

    2. meet the requirements set forth in the specific program regulations.

  2. Only in exceptional circumstances, and only on the recommendation of the Dean of Education, shall the Dean consider applicants who do not meet the requirements in 1.

  3. Please refer to Specific Programs regulations for additional admission requirements.