Office of the Registrar
General Information (2009/2010)
11.14 International Programs Office (I.P.O.)
  • Burns, M., Director
  • Bonnell, E., International Program Officer (Academic)
  • Vacant, International Program Officer (Study Abroad)
  • Wang Lei, International Support Officer

The International Programs Office (I.P.O.) was established in October 2008 and brings together all the international activities of the Faculty of Business Administration other than outreach or research activities under the responsibility of the Associate Dean (Academic Programs) of the Faculty. The activities previously undertaken by the Centre for International Business Studies and by the Fellow in International Business are continued in this new Office under a dedicated support unit headed by a Director of International Programs.

The I.P.O. has direct responsibility for the development and enhancement of academic programs and curriculum including but not limited to the International Bachelor of Business Administration (i.B.B.A.), the International Business Minor, the International Business Concentration, professional accreditation (CITP) and future internationally focussed initiatives at the graduate level. The I.P.O. also has responsibility for development and management of a global range of international mobility opportunities in the Faculty, including student exchange, the Harlow Program and other international summer schools and short programs. In addition the I.P.O. plays a major role in recruiting international students to the Faculty and providing support to these students. These activities involve the development and management of strategic partnerships with leading international universities whereby international students may study for part of their degree in their home country.

The activities of the I.P.O. as a whole, which also include continued facilitation of internships for recent international business graduates as well as the maintenance of close working relationships with regional government and business organisations, play a key role in building the regional and national skilled worker capacity essential for global competitiveness.

Further information may be obtained by contacting the International Programs Office by telephone to (709) 737-7659 or through the website at