Office of the Registrar
General Information (2009/2010)
6.19 University Library

  • University Librarian
  • Busby, L.A., B.A. Queen's, M.L.S. Western
  • Associate University Librarian
  • Cleyle, S., B.A. Mount Allison, M.L.S. Dalhousie
  • Associate University Librarian (Information Technology)
  • Manojlovich, S., B.A. McMaster, M.L.S. Western
6.19.1 Queen Elizabeth II Library

  • Alcock, E., B.Sc. Memorial, M.L.I.S. Western, Science Research Liaison Librarian, Information Services & Collections Development
  • Bail, J., B.A. University of Otago, M.L.I.S. Pratt Institute, Juris Doctor Brooklyn Law School; Information Services and Collections Development
  • Balsara, A., B.A. Toronto, M.L.S. British Columbia, Information Services Division
  • Browne, E., B.A. Memorial, M.L.S. Dalhousie, Bibliographic Control Services
  • Byrne, G., B.A., M.L.S. Dalhousie, Head, Circulation and Document Delivery
  • Cline-Howley, P., B.A. Washington, M.L.S. McGill, Bibliographic Control Services
  • Dennis, C., B.A. Guelph, M.L.S. Western, M.A. Memorial, Collections Development
  • Duda, D., B.A., M.L.S. Alberta, Information Services Division
  • Ellis, R.H., B.A. San Francisco State, M.L.S. Washington, Honourary Research Librarian
  • Field, C., B.A.(Hons.) Memorial, M.L.I.S. McGill, Centre for Newfoundland Studies
  • Gibson, I., B.Sc. Queen's, B.A. Windsor, M.I.St. Toronto, Science Research Liaison Librarian, Information Services & Collections Development
  • Goddard, L., B.A. Queen's, M.L.S. McGill, Grad Dip IT Memorial, Head, Systems Division
  • Goosney, J., B.A. Memorial, M.L.S. Western, Information Services Division
  • Gordon, S., B.A. Memorial, M.L.I.S. Western, Information Services
  • Howley, M., M.A. Liverpool, Ph.D. McMaster, M.L.S. Western, (Humanities) Collections Development
  • Icenhower, E., B.A. Smith College, M.L.S. Columbia University, Head, Bibliographic Control Services
  • Keeping, D.C., B.A.(Hons.) Memorial, M.L.I.S. Dalhousie, Ph.D. Bradford (Social Science) Collections Development
  • Lippold, K., B.A. Western Ontario, M.L.S. Toronto, Head, Information Services Division
  • Lonardo, A., M.A. Concordia, M.L.S. McGill, Information Services Division
  • Penney, S., B.A. Memorial, M.L.S. Western, Bibliographic Control Services
  • Pretty, H., B.A. Williamette, M.L.I.S. Washington, Information Services Division
  • Riggs, B., B.A.(Hons.) Memorial, M.I.S. Toronto, Head, Archives and Manuscripts
  • Ritcey, J., B.A. Memorial, M.L.S. Dalhousie, Head, Centre for Newfoundland Studies
  • Rodgers, W., B.A.(Hons.) Memorial, M.L.I.S. Western, Humanities Liaison Librarian, Information Services & Collections Development
  • Scott, L., B.A. Alberta, B.L.S., M.L.S. U.B.C., M.A. Simon Fraser, Honorary Research Librarian
  • Sexty, S., B.A. Ursinus, M.L.S. Rutgers, Honorary Research Librarian
  • Taylor-Harding, D.E., B.Sc. Guelph, M.L.S. Western Ontario, Information Services
  • Warner, P., B.A. Memorial, M.L.S. Western, Special Collections Librarian
  • White, L., B.A. Memorial, M.L.S. Dalhousie, Head, Electronic Resources and Serials Auringer
  • Wood, A., B.A., M.A., M.A.(L.S.) Michigan, Honorary Research Librarian
6.19.2 Health Sciences Library

  • Beckett, G., B.A. Simon Fraser, M.L.S. McGill, Associate University Librarian (Health Sciences)
  • Barnett, L., B.Sc. McGill, M.L.S. Dalhousie, Head, Public Services Division
  • Fahey, S., B.A. Memorial, M.L.S. McGill, Public Services Librarian
  • Farrell, A., B.A. Acadia, M.L.I.S. Dalhousie, Public Services Librarian
  • Glynn, L., B.A. Memorial, M.L.S. British Columbia, Public Services Librarian
  • Morgan, P., B.A. Memorial, M.L.S. McGill, M.B.A. Memorial, Information Resources Librarian
6.19.3 Ferriss Hodgett Library

  • McGillis, L., B.A. McGill, M.L.S. Toronto, Associate University Librarian
  • Rose, C., B.F.A. Simon Fraser, M.L.I.S. Dalhousie

Information regarding the University Library is located at General Information, The University Library.