Office of the Registrar
General Information (2009/2010)
6.18 Technical Services, Department of

  • Director
  • Meaney, R., B.Eng., M.Eng., Memorial, P.Eng.
  • Executive Assistant
  • Fagan, S., B.Comm. Memorial
  • Machine Shop Supervisor - Sciences, Mechanical Division
  • Thorne, R.
  • Machine Shop Supervisor - Engineering, Mechanical Division
  • Snook, D.
  • Welding/Sheetmetal Shop Supervisor, Mechanical Division
  • Bidgood, W.
  • Acting Glassblowing Supervisor, Mechanical Division
  • Power, B.
  • Model Fabrication Supervisor, Mechanical Division
  • Murphy, R.
  • Electronics Shop Supervisor - Sciences, Electronics Division
  • Pope, B.
  • Electronics Shop Supervisor - Engineering, Electronics Division
  • Crocker, R.
  • Instrument Shop Supervisor, Electronics Division
  • Oldford, M.
  • Computers and Data Communications Supervisor, Electronics Division
  • Decker, K.
  • Biomedical Electronics Supervisor
  • Snook, C.
  • Machine Shop Supervisor, Biomedical Division
  • Connors, C.
  • Supply Supervisor
  • Brazil, B.

The Department of Technical Services offers a wide range of biomedical, electronics and mechanical services to our users within Memorial University of Newfoundland and the health care community. These services range from electronics, biomedical, machining, glassblowing, welding, sheet metal, computer repairs, refrigeration, instrument repairs and scale model making. The Department provides expert advice and service to faculty, students, and researchers. It assists with the development of custom research apparatus and provides ongoing service for state-of-the-art devices, as well as repairs to older research equipment.